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Bathroom remodeling is an exciting project. As the most utilized room in the home, your bathroom should be fully functional, clean, and beautiful all the time. Before you bring in the builders and contract workers, you will need to consider a couple of things first. Learn what Bathroom Remodeling Lubbock TX experts recommend when it comes to starting your renovation project.

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Bathroom Countertops Lubbock

For a Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Lubbock TX, choosing the right countertops that will look great and will give you the functional benefits is vital. When it comes to bathroom countertops, they don’t have to be buff like the ones in the kitchen. You can focus more on design and style when choosing from the wide selection of bathroom countertops Lubbock.

Another factor to consider is the countertop material that should meet the demands of both form and function. We at Bathroom Remodel Lubbock understands the importance of selecting the right material that is attractive and can handle the demands of your lifestyle. Bathroom surfaces can be stylish and still be practical by providing additional workspace. The material you choose can set the Bathroom Accessories Lubbock TX.

When you choose a bathroom countertop, determine the bathroom style you want to achieve. You can choose from some of the most popular choices, such as country, traditional, contemporary, modern, and rustic. For a more unique style, opt for art deco, mission, transitional, Tudor, Mediterranean, or Tuscan. Bathroom surfaces can be stylish and still be practical by providing additional workspace.

Bathroom Remodeling Lubbock TX
Bathroom Remodeling Lubbock TX

The material you choose can set the mood of the room. Stainless- steel is one of the best options because they are low maintenance and look remarkable in a modern bath. While glass is striking and modern, keeping it free from the fingertips can be a challenge. Plus, solid slabs can be expensive. Find time to search for more styles to make sure you never miss any options available, and one of those might steal your heart.

When deciding on the type of bathroom countertop to invest in, consider the appearance, price, maintenance, and compatibility.

Here Are Types Of Bathroom Countertops

  • Tile - Another popular bathroom countertop material is the tile. The main concern though is the need to clean the grout. Bathroom Remodel Chandler comes up with a solution by offering much larger sized tile to remove the need for several grout lines.

  • Manufactured Quartz - While manufactured quartz has the same look as limestone, marble, or granite, it is more scratches and stains resistant.

  • Granite - Granite is an excellent choice for countertops. It is beautiful, stain-resistant, and long-lasting. Before, it’s presence could be found mostly in high-end bathrooms, but now, granite has also become popular for a wide spectrum of home designs.

  • Solid-Surface Materials - The solid surface is designed to look like a natural stone and is one of the most favored materials available.

  • Laminate - Once considered outmoded, this affordable countertops laminate material now comes in modern, stylish patterns and prints.

Bathroom Remodeling Lubbock TX
Bathroom Remodeling Lubbock TX
Bathroom Remodeling Lubbock TX

Cost Of Bathroom Countertops

Inexpensive tiles cost $3 to $6 per square foot. $100 to $150 per square foot for expensive tiles such as concrete, quartz, natural stone, and recycled glass. However, granite and marble rate is 70% higher than the total. But the cost of labor for installing tile is more expensive it costs around $8 to $15 dollars. Installation still varies if your design requires intricate patterns. Other countertops than tiles costs around $4 to $7 dollars. Other materials used in installing countertops should also be considered like grout, fasteners, caulk, and sealer.

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