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Bathroom Flooring Lubbock TX


When you are in the process of choosing bathroom flooring, your main concern will be the durability and how well it can resist moisture. Fortunately, Bathroom Flooring Boston has a collection of 100% waterproof flooring. Because we know water should not be dreaded, only endured, we find it essential to provide flooring that can withstand not only water but also stain and wear. Some of the most preferred bathroom floorings are engineered tile, rigid core, vinyl sheet, and luxury vinyl tile. These floorings offer a high level of resistance when exposed to water, wear, and stain. They also provide more comfort underfoot than the most common flooring, such as ceramic tile and traditional stone.

Bathroom Flooring Lubbock

Waterproof Flooring Option

Waterproof bathroom floors are easy and quick to clean. They also come in different styles, from stone look to wood look and a lot more. We guarantee you will find one that matches your specifications and preference. 100% Waterproof Vinyl Floors comes in two types; Wood plastic composite or WPC, which is made from plastic and wood floors. Stone plastic composite or SPC vinyl which is composed of plastic and stone. 

Because of the innovative layered design, it makes WPC and SPC vinyl flooring waterproof. It is composed of the following four layers; Wear Layer is the surface we walk on and the first shield for the flooring. Wear Layer defends flooring from wear and tear, does not retain allergens, excellent stain resistance, and is easy to maintain. Printed Vinyl Layer has some of the best material for copying natural textures, from wood-look to stone-look. Because this flooring offers faithful reproduction, anyone who sees it will think it is the genuine material. Printed Vinyl Layer is durable and resilient and can resist dents and chips.

The waterproof core is the third layer. Acting as the center in WPC vinyl, this will not absorb liquid. Expect no mildew, no warping, and no swelling from this material. For SPC vinyl, this layer is thinner and a lot denser, making it durable and rigid. The backing layer is the final layer. It is connected to the subfloor and smoothes out any defect in the surface, hence, saving on repairs. With a backing layer, it not only lowers installation time and cost, but it also keeps you from buying a separate underlayment.

Bathroom Flooring Lubbock

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Tile Flooring Pros

  • Bathroom Floor Tiles can imitate natural materials, or be made into cutting-edge shapes, and guaranteed to last for years, whatever you pick.

  • They are ideal for high-traffic spaces like the bathroom. Tile floors will not peel up, scuff, or wear down.

  • They are easy to clean. You only need a broom and mop to polish tile floors.

Tile Flooring Cons

  • Bathroom Floor Tiles can be rough on your joints if you are standing for a long period of time. And it will not help if you have a less than average subfloor. 

  • Considered as cold on the feet, these tiles for the bathroom are not inviting. Fortunately, our experts can find some solutions to this issue.

  • Because these tiles for flooring are hard to install, it will be the best option to hire a professional from our team to cut and lay these tiles for the bathroom.

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