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Expert Bathroom Remodeling Lubbock

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting project. As the most utilized room in the home, your bathroom should be fully functional, clean, and beautiful all the time. Before you bring in the builders and contract workers, you will need to consider a couple of things first. Learn what Bathroom Remodeling Lubbock TX experts recommend when it comes to starting your renovation project.

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Bathroom Layout and Design Lubbock

To maximize space and make a practical bathroom, having a good layout is essential. Whether you have a small or large bathroom space or whether it is lopsided, curvy, or unusually angled, Bathroom Layout Lubbock can provide a solution for you that will surely fit. If you are planning on bathroom remodeling, one of the first factors to consider is the layout. We have a lot of ideas for you to choose from. We can cater to every budget for any bathroom project. With our creative designers, we can build an ideal bathroom regardless of the size, shape, and layout. We can customize your bathroom according to your needs and preferences.

Bathroom Remodeling Lubbock TX
Bathroom Remodeling Lubbock TX
Bathroom Remodeling Lubbock TX

Small Bathroom Layout

Small spaces create exciting design challenges, even for professional designers. One of the most recommended bathroom layout ideas is making sure you have an outward swinging door. This will help you get in and out easier and maximize the narrowness of your bathroom.

Consider placing your shower against the short wall to provide more space. When you do this, arranging your fixtures will be simple. Let’s start with four basic criteria for a small space. Aligning your bathroom fixtures, such as heavy bathroom pieces (toilet, sink, Bathtubs and Showers Lubbock TX) in a row will create an orderly space. This will also allow you to perceive it in all its vastness, and not mind the limited space.

For heavy and large pieces, keeping them at the end of the bathroom or away from the entrance can create a spacious illusion in your small bathroom. Try placing the shower in the background and see the small space seem to appear twice its size. It can even make maneuverability easy. Another great small layout is to position your sink and toilet on the same wall to make room for more storage and foot traffic along the area.

Consider the bathroom’s geometry if you want to achieve a simple look. The arrangement of the fixtures changes the perception of space. Opt for a chic shower instead of a standard bathtub shower combo. Create wall niches for your sink and toilet cistern so they will not get in the way. When you want to separate the shower area from the rest of the room, it is better to get a clear frameless glass shower enclosure than shower curtains or frosted glass doors. When you look at this type of bathroom layout idea, you’ll appreciate the bathroom in its entirety.

Layout Ideas For Your Bathroom

When planning a bathroom layout, it is important to determine what you will store in the bathroom and where is the best location for features to have easy access. Once you know the answer, it can help you settle on the size or how much open floor space is necessary to navigate the room, the size of your tub or shower will work, and if you need only one or more sinks. Do not forget to include the storage space you might need when designing the ideal bathroom layout. There are many ways to find more storage solutions even in a small bathroom.

Options For Smaller Spaces

  • Bathroom Layout With a Corner Shower - A corner shower is a great bathroom layout idea when you want more storage space or you don’t need a large tub.

  • Classic Layout with Tub/Shower Combo - Considered as the most common layout that works in every bathroom space.

Options For Bigger Spaces

  • Bump-Out Tub Bay - This design is a better option for those who love soaking in a separate tub. If you want a bump-in layout, you can have the tub in the center, surrounded by a compartment for shower and toilet or built-in storage.

  • Separate Toilet and Bath - If you have a spacious bathroom, go for a separate toilet section in your bathroom system. But because you need to build solid walls, the room may feel smaller, and people using it may find it a little uncomfortable.

  • Two Faucet Bathroom - Two sinks are necessary if two people are using the bathroom at the same time. If it is not possible, try having two separate grooming spots, one for putting on Bathroom Vanity Lubbock TX, and the sink for sharing is for washing hands and brushing teeth. Keep in mind the vanity lighting too.

Popular Bathroom Layout Ideas

  • Full Bath Layout - In this layout, a tub/shower combination is installed. This space-saving layout is good for children and adults.

  • Master Bathroom Layout - For a master bathroom layout, frame the tub with an alcove and add shelves for more storage.

  • Three-Quarter Bath Layout (No Tub) - This bathroom layout idea is perfect for a guest bathroom. It only has one sink and a shower.

Whether you have limited or big space, Bathroom Remodel Lubbock has thousands of ways to create a unique layout and design that will suit you the best! Give us a call now.

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